The first company to produce peat as a soil conditioner in Malaysia was Peat Organic (M) Sdn Bhd in collaboration with a company in Finland. The use of peat as a soil conditioner has long been practiced in Europe. This product is comparable to temperate peat such as Peat Moss, Holland Peat, and others. John Innes mixing with a ratio of 7:3:2, 3:2:1 referred to peat as a component of organic matter in the early 20th century.

Peatgro products are well suited to be used for a variety of agricultural activities, seed nursery, tree planting and maintenance of potted plants and landscaping trees.

Planting with Peatgro - The Concept

Most gardeners will spend hundreds or maybe thousands of money just to buy an expensive pots and plants in various type, shape and size. Are these worth buying when the soil that you use to plant those expensive plants is not fertile and healthy? Meanwhile, top soil, garden soil, black soil or soil mixes will never guarantee if your plants can survive and grow well.

Planting with Peatgro is the new concept of planting in Malaysia. It helps to solve your soil problems. By adding Peatgro, it is like buying an INSURANCE for your plants. It will help you to grow your plant more successfully, better, and healthier.

What is Peatgro?


1 Peatgro is an organic soil conditioner with more than 95% natural organic matter.

Organic matter are the most important material in the soil. A good and healthy soil needs at least 10%-20% of organic matter. By adding Peatgro (organic matter) in the soil it is like putting the life back into your soil.

2 Peatgro provides ideal living condition for beneficial microbe.

Beneficial microbe can use organic matter in Peatgro as source of home, food and energy. Microbes convert organic matter into humus, and this will help to improve the health and condition the soil.

3 Peatgro has high moisture content and high water holding capacity.

You can reduce the amount of watering over a long-time better chance of surviving for plants during hot season. Peatgro can retain 10-20 times water compared to its own dry weight.

4 Peatgro can retain large amount of plant nutrients.

You can save your money by reducing the amount of fertilizer that you buy because Peatgro has high Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C). It can absorb the nutrient and slowly releasing it to the soil.

5 Peatgro is clean and free from insect, weeds, pathogen and soil disease.

You can be sure to use Peatgro for a sensitive planting such as seed germination, tissues culture, annuals, vegetables etc.

6 Peatgro adds humus to the soil and is an ideal amendment to any growing medium.

By adding Peatgro, you can improve your soil overtime. Peatgro will decompose and become humus, microbes will turn humus into fulvic, humic acid and humin until it is absorb by the plant.

7 Peatgro improves physical properties of soil.

By mixing Peatgro into your soil, you can improve your soil aeration, soil drainage and soil structure. This will improve root growth leading to better nutrient absorption and faster growth of plants.