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What is EM?

EM is a liquid mixture of important probiotic, beneficial microorganisms that are known to work cooperatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil, plants and water. It consist of many types of microorganisms working safely together. They are mainly lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthetic bacteria which it have own role to act. 

How can i purchase EM and EMAS product?

You can visit our product section at website in order to select your desire product or you can directly contact us and purchase over the phone.

How long will my delivery take?

It depends on your location but as a general rule we expect it takes 1-3 days for Peninsular Malaysia but 2-4 days for Non-Peninsular Malaysia.

What are the benefits of using EM?

  • Activate soil live
  • Improve plant growth
  • improve fertilizer response
  • Suppress harmful microbes
  • Purifying water and sewage
  • Activate compose
  • Reduce foul odor
  • Bio-activate septic tank systems

The list goes on and you can be safe in the knowledge that when you are using this product that it is 100% certified organic and safe to use.

What is EM and EMAS storage condition?

EM is a 'living culture' of micro-organisms therefore to maximize its life, it needs these conditions:

  • Keep airtight
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from chemicals

Does EM and EMAS have an expiry date?

Yes, this will be on the label of the product which is 1 year but for EMAS (Effective Microorganism Activated Solution) is 2-6 months.

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