Application of EM Technology in Pond Marine Aquaculture

Problem: Strong smelly fish, Darker colour and not shiny, Lower demand in market, Low market price, Taste bad and fishy

Grouper Cultivation

In April to September 2004 we were engaged with Grouper cultivation together with PPKJBS (South Johor Farmers Organization) at their facility at Gelang Patah, Johor. They imported some 10,000 fry of Grouper with the size of 0.5 inch from Bali and grow them up to 3.5~4 inches in raceway, thereafter transfer them to cages to grow them further.

With EM4 Technology, Catfish Cultivation Growth is Maximize

High productivity in the cultivation of catfish without the support of fisheries technology will cause many problems such as inadequate growth, bad odor and can cause death to fish. One of the most effective treatment is by using EM4 technology to increase bacteria decomposition of organic matter, suppress pathogen bacterial growth, stimulate digestive enzymes and improve water quality.

Organic Catfish With EM4 Technology

Nearly 50 percent of catfish feed comes from leaves, it turns out that growth remains stable until the harvest arrives. Even the mortality rate (livestock death) is very low. All of that uses EM4 technology.

Catfish Raising By EM Application

Mr. Wak Songprasert 212 Moo 6 Bantayom Tumbon Wattayom Bangkratum District, Pitsanulok. He has three fish ponds, in the area of three rai/4800 square meters, so one pond is about one rai (1600 square meters), there were 100,000-200,000 catfish. Before using EM he used chemicals and microorganisms which he bought from the market. He did not profit because of high capital outlay. Sometimes he had deficit. In 1994, he began to use EM in his pond.

Catfish Farming Improved With EM4

Catfish cultivation is easier compared to other fish cultivars such as tilapia, gourame and others, but with EM4 technology the farming will be more robust.