Using Eco Pig Feed

Mr Elliot Telles, a second-generation owner of Jay’s Hog Farm has been using EM Technology for his pig farm that is a clean family-owned operation. They recycle the food waste collected from restaurants and cook it to feed their 480 pigs on the farm.

Swine (Pigs/Hogs)

For small farms or backyard animals, we recommend purchasing EM-1 and making your own Activated EM-1. For large commercial farms we do offer ready-to-use version in bulk quantities starting in 55-gallon barrels. (Please call for pricing and shipping costs as freight is quoted based on weight and the delivery location).

Pigs Are Planted On The Floor With Sawdust

Shanxi Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed sawdust fermented with active EM · 1 as bedding and developed a sustainable and environmentally friendly pig industry with good results.

Healthy Pigs In Healthy Environment

Ganaha Husbandry is located in the north of Okinawa main island, in Nago city. Go through a forest of tropical timber and the farm is on a hill which looks out onto the blue sea.

Green Sustainable Farm

Vietnamese consumers are gradually changing their shopping habits regarding foods, and today pay more attention to food quality and health than before. They are looking for more natural and organic products these days.