Outstanding Cost Reduction in Waste Water Treatment

Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSI) has been producing sugar in Orange Walk town, Belize since 1967. Since they process approximately 1.3 million tons of sugarcane per year, they have been searching for a sustainable solution to manage their waste water. Further, they wanted to reduce cost since they were applying an aeration system that consumed vast amounts of electricity.

Location: Orange Walk Town, Belize

EM Application

EM holdings tanks
Activated EM・1 (AEM) is prepared on site to be used within the waste water coming from the sugar processing plant. They activate EM・1 and apply it once a week.

They had problems with bad odors caused by hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gases within the waste water treatment ponds as well as pollution problems that kill fish and aquatic life in nearby rivers. They also faced problems in control COD and BOD in effluents.

Effects & Results

Pond 1 (inlet) after five months of applying EM

After applying EM Technology for one year here are their successful results:
1. Complete odor control
2. Marked reduction in housefly population
3. Complete elimination of air pumps and hence elimination of maintenance cost
4. Significant reduction in labour cost associated with pond management
5. Increase avian population around the treatment pond area
6. Reduce of time in treatment labour operations
7. COD, BOD, sludge and other physical and chemical parameter improved in waste water effluents