Catfish Farming Improved With EM4

Catfish cultivation is easier compared to other fish cultivars such as tilapia, gourame and others, but with EM4 technology the farming will be more robust.

Catfish farming is one of the most compelling business opportunities today. Keep in mind, there are many catfish sellers who need a daily supply of catfish, which is what makes the demand for fish more marketable and opens up potentially promising business opportunities.

Moreover, catfish are relatively easy compared to other freshwater fish such as goldfish, tilapia or gourame because they are more resistant to diseases and environmental conditions.

Location: Tepus Wetan Village, Surodadi, Megelang Central Java

EM Application

Dumari (48) from Tepus Wetan Village, Surodadi, Megelang Central Java who has been involved in catfish farming in addition to his regular work as a farmer.

In order to keep the water quality in optimal condition, the supply of fermented bokashi fertilizer with EM4 is essential. Because bokashi contains essential minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and humic acids that can grow and nourish plankton and worm-type natural foods, neutralizing toxic compounds and creating a balanced pool ecosystem. Bokashi treatment is applied slowly onto the soil by being dissolved and immersed in the soil surface at the time of fresh water infusion or at least once every 10 days.


Effects & Results

Another advantage of using Hasan’s EM4 technology is that it improves the resilience and health of the fish, ferments the feed and can create natural feed for the fish. For the hazardous substances found at the base of the pond, Em fisheries can break down ammonia gas, methane and hydrogen sulfide so that they are not harmful.

EM4 is also capable of increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) so that water is clean and there is no need for repeated replacements as water quality is maintained and environmentally safe.

To boost catfish production, the water requirements should be good and avoid from pollution. The key to overcome water pollution is with only using EM4 technology.

Liquid EM4 delivery is also very important as water quality deterioration is often encountered by breeders. These wastes produce toxic gases that cause fish to become infected due to stress. The waste also causes production to deteriorate and cause death. Because of the EM4 application, the farmers are happy using this technology. ” Hopefully production will be higher this time, ” Dumari said this year using EM4. (A}