Application of EM Technology in Pond Marine Aquaculture

– Strong smelly fish
– Darker colour and not shiny
– Lower demand in market
– Low market price
– Taste bad and fishy

Location: PPK Johor Bahru Selatan

EM Application

Method of application:
1) Bottom Pond Treatment
1- The pond is clean and dry until the soil is cracked
2- Apply Hydrated Lime (Liming) at the rate of 3000 kg/ha and let it be for 1 week
3- Apply Bokashi fertilizer at the pond surface at the rate 600 kg/ha and let it be for 2 weeks
4- Spray EMAS at the pond surface at the rate 1000 – 1500 litre/ha and let it be for 2 weeks
5- Fill the pond with clean water. Best use bag filter when filling.

2) Pond Water Treatment
1- Spray or pour in EMAS every day for 7 – 10 days at the rate of 0.01 – 0.015 litre/m2/day
2- EM Mudball are thrown in the pond at 1000 pieces/ha
3- Put immature shrimp (Vanamei) into the pond (5 – 10 pcs/m2) for leach measures
4- Put immature seabass into the pond (2 – 5 pcs/m2)
5- For growth apply EMAS at the rate 0.01 – 0.015 litre/m2 once every 4 days

Effects & Results

– No more smelly fish
– Clean colour, white, shiny and na little bit of green and yellow
– Taste more flavorish
– Higher demand
– Increase in market size from RM8/kg to RM13/kg
– The size looks fat and healthy

Differences of seabass between non-EM treatment (top) and EMtreatment (bottom)