Animal Husbandry

Effect EM On Animal Husbandry

Talking about animal husbandry usually involves bad smells and presences of flies due to the decomposition processes. It could lead to odour issues and infestation in combination with increased emissions of ammonia. Then, about the production, animal enterprises need to operate under hygienic conditions in order to get ideal production. Animal health important as well to ensures the best productivity and providing a safe and animal husbandry-friendliness environment. EM can work across a range of livestock benefits, including hygiene, higher production and even odour control. By using EM in many various applications can achieve good result. The result showed for a wide range of animals, including sheep, cattle, chicken, pigs, and even dogs.

The result includes:

Higher fat milk content.

Improving the health of animals.

Increased product consistency.

Suppress of odor at farms.

Giving a comfortable environment to the people living in that area.

Less disease, reducing regular medical products and antibiotics, which leads to lower veterinary bills.

A large decline in harmful insects such as flies and ticks, which are extremely critical for dairy farms.

Key applications for EM in conjunction with animal husbandry

EM applied in septic tanks collecting animal waste, reduces odour and flies.

EM activated can be sprayed around the animal shed.

EM with Bokashi can be added to the feed.

In areas as bedding areas, EM Bokashi can be spread.

Note: These rates are only guideline and not an absolute recommendation. Kindly contact us for advisory