Bioliquifert is an alternative fertilizer besides chemical fertilizer for improving soil fertility and yield. Bioliquifert can be used as a sole fertilizer or to use alongside with chemical fertilizer to increase the effectiveness of the chemical fertilizer used. The use of Bioliquifert has proven to reduce the input cost of chemical fertilizer thus increasing the yield to 1 time higher.

Bioliquifert contains special microorganism that have the needed feature such as Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria, Potasium solubilizing bacteria and also produce plant growth hormone. This product is formulated in a liquid form, easy to handle and have a lifespan of 6 months. Bioliquifert is a combination of 2 different type of bacteria that have mutualism character which are AP2 and AP3. This product has been developed since year 2006. Up until now there are at least 29 research journals have been published whether directly or indirectly by Malaysia Nuclear Agency.


We had participated National Rice Convention at Alor Setar, Kedah for Opening 2019 with presence of Former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad. Also participated in MAHA 2019, which we shared knowledge and experienced with many entrepreneurs. This product had launched officially by MOSTI at 28 August 2013.

Bioliquifert Products Range


Oil Palm


Why Bioliquifert?


  • This product is free from any pathogen or unknown bacteria.
  • Packed in 1 litre bottle for easy storing and shipping.

Benefit as fertilizer

  • Dissolving the nutrients in soil to a form that easy for plant uptake.
  • Increasing the absoption of nutrient up to 90%.
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer up to 50% thus reducing the cost.
  • Increased yield up to 30% - 40%

Benefit to soil

  • Recultivate the microorganism ecosystem in the soil.
  • Help to induce the growth of mychorizae on the root thus increase the efficiency of water and nutrient absorption.
  • Increase organic matter in the soil


Development Of Bio-Fertilizer