Paddy Bioliquifert is made specially for paddy farmers. It will strengthen the tree from seedling until harvesting. It will give higher yield per acre. It will also decrease the cost of chemical fertilizer while increasing the effectiveness of the fertilizer absoption.

  • Spray Bioliquifert on the soil before planting, which is to incorporate and cultivate the microbe into the soil.
  • The best application is 7 days before planting. For greater and maximum result add 2 more spraying application that is on 17 and 45 days after planting.
  • Spraying with the rate of 100 ml for 1 spray pump capacity of minimum 16 liter(4 gallon) to 25 liter(6.6 gallon).
  • Rate of Bioliquifert is 1liter/bottle if for 1 hactare or 2.471 acre paddy field.