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Professional Beneficial Microbes

Peat Organic (M) Sdn Bhd founded by En. Zulkufli Bin Zakaria in 2006 focusing only on soil conditioner and fertilizer business which derived from peat soil with the brand name ‘PeatGro’.

Then, by 2017, Peat Organic (M) Sdn Bhd have signed a collaboration agreement with Malaysia Nuclear Agency for the Collaboration Project to Commercialize a product called ‘Bioliquifert’.

Then in 2018, Peat Organic (M) Sdn Bhd received a certificate from EMRO Malaysia Sdn Bhd in dealing with a product manufactured by them called EM-1 (Effective Microorganism). In the future we will thrive to become a pioneer in producing microbe-based product.

En. Zulkufli Bin Zakaria

Founder of Company

Our Mission

  • To inspire the human spirit to nurture the environment. Healthy environment, healthy live.
  • Research and development of new effective microbial product in order to achieve our vision.
  • Manufactured and distributed effective microbial product at reasonable price for user.

Our Vision

  • Be number 1 in effective microbial product in Malaysia.
  • Provide the affordable and good quality of beneficial microbe product.
  • Give the awareness about advantages using effective microbe for our lives.

Our Team

Our team is totally professional in their own way. Mostly our team from Agriculture background which specialized in research and development in beneficial microbe. Furthermore, we had team from UiTM’s and UPM’s background from previous studies. Other than that, our team experienced in research and development in effective microbial around 10 years. The combination of our team knowledge make our company more strong in order to help customer or client to achieve their desired which as consultant.

Our perfect stuff

Meet Our Team

Our team is totally professional in their own way. We prioritize our client the best way according to client’s need. We provide consultation about where, when, how to use our product properly so that clients can achieve their ultimate goal successfully.
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