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This company was founded in 2006 by Mr. Zulkufli bin Zakaria. Originally this company ventured into soil conditioner and fertilizer business which is derived from peat soil with the brand name of ‘PeatGro’. By the end of 2017, we had signed an agreement with Malaysian Nuclear Agency for a collaboration project to commercialize a product named “Bioliquifert”.

After that in the year 2018, this company received a certificate from EMRO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. for dealing with a product manufactured by them called EM-1 (Effective Microorganism-1). We are thriving to become a pioneer in producing microbe-based product, day by day.

Our Products

We proud with our products

Our mission is to provide a healthy and environment friendly products for the industry.



Alternative to harmful chemical based fertilizers.



Probiotic Biofertilizer.


Effective Microorganism (EM)

A natural based products which contain trillions of good microbes per mililiter liquid



Act as a soil conditioner for your plants

Case Study

Effective Microorganism Usages

Animal Husbandry

We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet needs.


We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet needs.

Water Treatment

We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet needs.


We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet needs.

M100 Probiotic Biofertilizer

What is M100?

Project “Bioliquifert” Acinetobacter sp. M100: “3rd Generation Multi-Functional Biofertilizer” is a visionary joint venture between the public sector (Malaysian Nuclear Agency) and the private sector (Peat Organic Sdn Bhd) with a clear target for the commercialization of the country’s R&D results.

This product integrates 3 innovations that complement each other, with upstream and downstream elements, namely:

1) Novelty of single strain multifunctional microbes: Provides key nutrients for plants and influences plant immunity to disease through its probiotic properties

2) Versatile features of the product: Can be applied on soil and foliar, suitable for various crop production systems

3) High productivity of product production: Through a cost -effective “Biobooster” system.

The integration of these innovations results in a complete natural agribioproduct, as a solution to the needs of the agricultural industry, namely high productivity, quality and safety of foodstuffs as well as agricultural products.


Effective Microorganisme

What is EM?

EM was developed in Japan 30 years ago and is now a Global technology with an enormous following around the world. EM is the unique composition of a diverse group of bacteria, yeasts and fungi (more than 80 strains) which has been thoroughly tested and proven safe for human and animals. One of the strengths of EM is that it is a diverse combination of microbes, and this gives it versatility in terms of a wide scope of applications that it can be used on.

Today EM is used in many systems pertaining to agriculture and environmental management. These range from crop and animal production systems, to livestock and aquaculture units. EM is used widely in environmental management for decomposition and more importantly for recycling of wastes, both solids and liquids.

Natural based products

We provide solutions to your soils and plants needs.

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